About Katie Leikam, LCSW

Gender Therapist & LGBTQIA Specialist

Helping people live authentically is something that I have loved doing all my life. I am passionate about working with the LGBTQIA community, particularly people who are transgender and gender expansive. If you need a gender therapist, I can help you with your transition.

If you are experiencing anxiety or are having panic attacks, I can help. I work with anxiety so you can experience life again and feel more in control with your day to day life.  It’s good to feel like you don’t have to lie in wait for your next panic attack. It’s good to feel like you can breathe again and be calm.

If you are having trouble in your relationship with your partner or having trouble in your marriage, I can help.  If you feel like maybe your relationship won’t last and you are wondering if you should continue your relationship, I can help you see things more clearly and see if you can work things out or should go out on your on.  I can help you get one step closer to a more fulfilling life.

My Approach

As a client, you will find that I use a compassionate approach that recognizes your authenticity and is often direct yet empathetic. Together, we will come to understand your individual values and hopes for your life. We will use those values to guide the positive changes you want to see in your life. Achieving personal goals are important to my clients. We will find incremental steps to achieve those goals. My clients often need and want to process difficult feelings and emotions and our sessions are a safe space to do that. I use a combination of solution focuses therapy, mindful self-compassion, cognitive behavioral therapy and existential therapy as well as other techniques to help you become your authentic you. I also practice from a secular, non-religious perspective while still being able to honor your personal belief systems.

I have experience in helping people who identify in all sexual orientations. In the both the past and present, my experience includes treating clients with severe depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, grief, as well as over nine years of experience working with children and adolescents.

I am a member of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) and am WPATH GEI SOC v7 certified and follow their V7 standards of care. I also support the model of informed consent when working with the transgender and gender expansive community.

I am also a public speaker and educator on topics about the LGBTQIA community and gender identity. I have spoken, among others at THEA, (Transgender Health and Education Alliance) and I am a previous speaker at The Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, Gender Odyssey, The National Trans Health Conference in 2018 and USPATH in 2019.


University of Georgia, Master’s in Social Work – Georgia State University B.S. Psychology

Currently enrolled at Mercer University for an MBA focusing in Marketing and will graduate Summer of 2020


World Professional Association of Transgender Health, Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work, LGBTQ Therapist Resource Center, The Secular Therapists Network, Out Georgia Business Alliance, Atlanta Independent Women’s Networking (Board Member)


LCSW in Georgia, LISW-CP in South Carolina, Registered Telehealth provider in Florida

WPATH GEI SOC v7 Certified


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