Anti-Trans Laws CEU

Ethically Supporting Our Trans Youth Clients Through the Harm of Anti-Trans Legislation

Across the nation, anti-trans laws have been passed this year which in many cases prohibit gender affirming care and medical and/or surgical treatment to the transgender community, particularly youth under age 18. In GA SB140 was effective on July 1st, which stopped life saving care for our transgender clients that were not already receiving treatment of hormones or had already had surgery. Clinicians are now tasked with walking with our clients through this new climate of anti-trans laws towards the transgender community. What is your role as a clinician for your client and their family? How will these laws affect you and your license or ability to treat? How can you continue to affirm your transgender youth clients? All of these questions will be answered by Katie Leikam, LCSW, LISW-CP, WPATH GEI certified clinician, and taught during this informative CEU that every transgender affirming clinician needs to take.

When: September 29th at 10:30am EST to 12:30 EST
Cost: $64.00
Where: Synchronous Webinar through Zoom


1. Recognize how SB 140 in GA and other laws throughout the USA will affect the mental health of transgender and gender expansive individuals seeking care.
2. Learn three affirming ways to attend to clients’ needs and fears through therapeutic relationships.
3. Understand how the familial system as a whole is affected by SB140 and develop ways to address the youth and parents during care.
4. Conceptualize how the anti-trans bill affect clinicians’ decision making from an ethical perspective.

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