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Just living in Atlanta Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Florida can produce anxiety.  Anxiety can leave you feeling nervous, worried, and tired. You stay up late at night thinking and worrying about what you can not control. Your sense of worry and anxiety can make it hard for you to work, form relationships, or go to school. Anxiety about your partner or spouse can make it hard to really trust and connect with them. If you find yourself feeling panicked or trapped when you become anxious or worried, there are skills to cope.

Do you feel out of breath? Or like you are running around and not getting anything accomplished? Anxiety can also show itself in the form of worry about a partner’s cheating or preoccupation with things going wrong or insomnia. I walk beside you in therapy so that you can fully explore the beginnings of your anxiety and then use skills to challenge your fears and worries.

Reach out to me for a free consultation or appointment so together, we can get you on the path to a more calm, less anxious existence where you feel free to be yourself again. It’s okay to let calm back into your life.  Therapy can help get you to a better place.


There is help and there is hope. Together we will address the symptoms of your depression or anxiety. What we process in therapy doesn’t just end when you leave my office. I will give you workable solutions and activities to use throughout the time until you see me again. I am part of the Secular Therapists Network and I take particular care to practice from the perspective that is most comfortable to you.


Depression can come about suddenly through a loss or change in life circumstances or it may be something you have been facing almost daily for some time now.  Not having the energy to get out of bed in the morning and the feeling of just wanting to sleep forever is difficult to get through on your own. Some of the symptoms of depression include feeling numb about your surroundings and emotions, crying frequently, not feeling very hungry or eating too much and feeling hopeless. Other symptoms of depression can include an irritable mood or not wanting socialize as much anymore.

Depression can have an effect on your family, friends and career.  Most import though, is the effect of depression on your quality of life.  When treating depression, I use both solution focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Solution focused therapy offers you to obtain the goals that you see for your life ahead.  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) allows you to learn how to be nice to yourself and take away negative thinking and talking poorly to yourself.

Depression is not always feeling worthless and hopeless though.  Sometimes you may just feel a little down often or feel like you get tired easily.  These subtle changes can be worked on early and through brief solution focused therapy, you can see yourself again.

Together we will work to overcome your depression and allow to feel more like yourself again, happier and healthier. Reach out to me if you are feeling like changing your life for the better.

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