Katie Leikam, LCSW is Expanding to True You Southeast!

Katie Leikam, LCSW is Growing! It’s been a momentous year and a half in solo practice here in Decatur, Ga and now in South Carolina as well.  I have really appreciated getting to know all my clients and have had the opportunity to write many HRT and surgery letters for some great people.  Now I- want to announce that I...[ read more ]

LGBTQ and Transgender Tweens and Teens: Coming Out to Family

Sometimes I get emails from tweens and teenagers asking me how to come out to their families.  Coming out as LGBTQ or transgender to your family can be scary, tough, relieving and sometimes feel overwhelming.  There can be anxiety or fear that they won’t understand, will say mean things or that they won’t love you the same. But. It can...[ read more ]

How is talk therapy helpful if I am transgender?

How can talk therapy be useful to me? Talk therapy before, during and after your transition is important to still obtain.  Having a therapist, you can reach out to for weekly or every other week sessions allows you to have growth and change and a safe space to talk about your feelings, anxieties, fears and complete joys during transition.  I...[ read more ]

Parents: The Road to Affirmation for your Transgender Child

As a parent, I understand the levels of hesitation, fear and grief other parents might have when they find out their child is transgender. I have heard, that there is an initial period of shock and even the most supportive parent might be grieving the loss of their sex assigned at birth child. Parents may immediately jump to the level...[ read more ]

Reconciling Faith and Your Gender Identity: Living Authentically

The topic of faith and acceptance from God is something I know many people in the transgender and LGBTQ community struggle with.  I have struggled with my own journey of belief.  If you were raised as a strict, or devout in yours or your parents’ beliefs, questions of love and acceptance may arise.  You may be afraid of being unwanted...[ read more ]

Gender Dysphoria and Mindful Self Compassion

  What is Gender Dysphoria? It’s a mental health diagnosis that clinicians use when people are different from their assigned at birth gender.  It’s also used to describe the feelings of dislike for their body related to gender some people have for themselves. Gender Dysphoria and the DSM V The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition, is...[ read more ]

Self Love to Battle Gender Dysphoria

  Self Love for Low Self Esteem It’s cold in Atlanta, Georgia today. This weekend, as I warm up,  I have been thinking a lot about self-love. Self-Love and positive affirmations can increase self-esteem, battle gender dysphoria and decrease moments of depression.  Positive affirmations can be hard to say at first, as you might not be used to talking to...[ read more ]

Is It Time To Start Your Gender Transition?

Is 2018 the year you start your transition?  Is it the year you come out to your friends and family or at work? Have you made a resolution to yourself this year that you intend to keep?  I don’t tend to make resolution’s every year, but I do think it’s an exciting time of year to initiate changes in your...[ read more ]

Real Life Experience for Transgender Hormone Therapy? Not Anymore.

  You don’t need Real Life Experience (RLE) for your HRT letter. You heard me correctly.  If you are transgender, you don’t need real life experience for your hormone replacement therapy letter.  Real life experience in your actual gender harks back to a time when it was required in the WPATH standards of care and in some cases, can have...[ read more ]

Transgender Affirming Rural Options

  Rural areas of Georgia and areas throughout the United States generally have some catching up to do with trans affirming care. I often hear that there are limited options for trans affirming care in areas throughout the state of Georgia.  So, what help is available for you if you can’t make it to an affirming provider in person? In...[ read more ]

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