Conquering Fear for my Transgender Loved One

  It can be scary So much has happened in the last week and since I wrote my last blog with hate in this nation. I am often asked by family members of the transgender community in Atlanta, GA, what do I do when I am in fear?  Many people right now are accepting of their loved one’s journey through...[ read more ]

The Transgender Community: Safety and Self Care

Transgender self care and safety

This week in Atlanta Georgia, there was another senseless death of a transgender woman.  I thought about that a lot this week.  It struck me because it was so close to home in Decatur, GA.  It struck me because there wasn't a lot of press surrounding it.  I decided  I wanted to blog this week on keeping yourself safe if...[ read more ]

Finding an Affirming Gender Identity Therapist


Finding a therapist in your city I am in Decatur Georgia, which is in the metro Atlanta area and I often get calls from potential clients that tell me they are having a hard time finding a therapist that works with the transgender and gender fluid community.  This is especially true throughout more rural area of Georgia. In my blog,...[ read more ]

How do I get my gender affirmation HRT Letter?

How do I get my HRT letter, or do I even need one anymore? Availability of resources for the transgender and gender non-conforming community frustrate me to no end sometimes. I often have clients call telling me they have been looking for a hormone replacement doctor or their letter for a year. Some doctors still require a letter. WPATH standards...[ read more ]

The Transgender Community and Substance Use: Positive Coping Skills

transgender drinking

Escape Drugs and alcohol are the greatest escape they say. When you don't accept yourself or your body or gender, sometimes drinking or getting high is the quickest way to cope with those feelings. But, is it healthy and is it a valid way to relieve pain? Drinking and drugs are never the healthiest way to deal with pain. Honestly,...[ read more ]

I am transgender and grieving…

woman alone grieving

Is this really grief I feel? The stigma surrounding gender transitioning is so great that I as a cis gendered female can only begin to imagine. When your spouse or partner decide that they can not walk by your side throughout your transition, it can feel devastating, and it can feel like the one person that you wanted or expected...[ read more ]

How in the world do I find a good therapist?


  I'm a little anxious, what next? I was recently asked how do you even find a therapist? Going to therapy is a new and can cause anxiety.  The options themselves can make it difficult to find a good fit. If you need  a sliding scale or insurance based practice you could also feel overwhelmed. I want to help you...[ read more ]

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