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You’ve seen all over social media that everyone else has a six – figure practice and you feel defeated and upset that you don’t. You have nights where you wonder why you are doing this, and you have nights where you wonder what exactly you need to do to make to six figures too. You know it’s possible to reach your goals, but you aren’t quite sure why what you are doing isn’t working.
I have been exactly where you are right now. When I opened my practice, I had only two session in the space of four months and neither client came back. I thought I had tried everything, but to be honest, I didn’t quite know what I was doing yet. In retrospect, hiring a business coach could have prevented a lot of empty calendar days and sleepless nights.
Despite the slow start, I was able to eventually create a successful private practice in my first year. It took countless hours of research, previous business experience, and fierce tenacity, but now I can be proud to own my own rapidly growing six-figure practice.
I want you to have the same success and reach your goals and be where you want to be as a successful business owner.
Let’s work together, one on one. Let’s strategize together and find out what you are already doing right and what you can improve on. Let’s figure out where the holes are in your marketing plan and where you can build and grow your grow your practice. Let’s get you to six figures so you can rest at night and quit looking in your Facebook group or on social media wondering why you aren’t there yet.
I am now booking hour long strategy calls. I can be your personal marketing strategist, accountability coach, and an understanding ear that’s been right where you are. Let’s work together to find you the success you know you are capable of.
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