My New Book – Gender Identity Journal

I always thought I would write a book.  I have been writing since I was 13 years old and performing spoken word since I was 21. But, it turns out my first book is even more exciting than that! My first book, the Gender Identity Journal: Prompts and Practices for Exploration and Self Discovery comes out this Tuesday, December 21st, 2021!

I started writing this book in April of this year and wrote it rather quickly.  You know when you get a burst of creativity, and you just sit down and write it all out?  That was my process for writing this book.  I took my vast knowledge of gender identity, my extensive training on gender identity from sources such as WPATH and gender identity conferences, and my years of experience working with transgender and gender diverse clients to creatively write 7 chapters of prompts and exercises. These chapters allow the reader to reflect and explore their gender identity, stay safe during their exploration and practice self-care during their exploration.

Here’s some excerpts from the book that I think give a clear picture of the work that is inside. Feel free to try these exercises out on your own and see if you get a flicker of anything in your mind that relates to your gender identity.

“Many of my clients have told me there was a meme they looked at, a television show they watched, or something someone said that made them immediately question their gender, and that this came as a surprise to them. Was there a “click” that your gender may be different than how you have been expressing it? Was there a moment or situation that pushed you to begin to question your gender?”

“When we are growing up, we learn about various gender stereotypes. They can be subtle, like “girls don’t ask guys on dates,” or they can be overt, like “boys cannot learn ballet.” Often, we are not even aware that we are learning these gender stereotypes, because they are so societally ingrained. Think back on when you grew up and write down some gender stereotypes you were taught.”

“We all experience times in our lives when we are unkind to ourselves. Sometimes we may say mean things or judge ourselves harshly. If you find that your internal dialogue is filled with negative statements about yourself, try replacing those statements with kind words instead. What are three to five kind statements you can say to yourself throughout this week?”

I hope these three exercises give you an idea of the contents of my Gender Identity Journal: Prompts and Practices for Exploration and Self Discovery.  If you like the reflection you have just begun, you can continue your work with the book by picking up a copy. You can order it on Amazon here or wherever books are sold, including local Decatur and Atlanta, GA bookstores, Charis Books & More and Little Shop of Stories, Bookish Atlanta and Tall Tales Book Store.

If you find that you are needing to explore with a therapist the truths you are finding out about yourself from using the book, feel free to  reach out to me for a free consultation to see if I would be a good fit as your therapist.  We can continue your gender identity exploration together in session. You can email me at or call me at 404-948-6186.

If you would like me to speak at a reading,  event or at a conference, feel free to reach out to me as well.

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