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You want someone to understand you and you don’t want a therapist to try to change you. You may be worried about coming to therapy because of things other therapists have said in the past to you. As a therapist, I am an advocate and an ally for LGBTQIA rights. I stay educated about best practices for working with LGBTQIA clients. I feel that you know yourself best and there’s nothing that needs to change about your identity.

If you are experiencing feelings of depression, not being able to get out of bed, anxiety and fear over change or your expectations are becoming difficult to handle, you are having mood swings, feeling grief and loss or maybe having suicidal thoughts, I can help.

I can help you navigate your relationship with your partner and figure things out. Do you want to stay with them, or is it best to end your relationship? Have you been trying to make it work with your partner, but you feel like you are doing all the work in the relationship? Are you finding it’s hard to communicate with them without a fight, or they are overacting to everything that goes on in the relationship?

I can help you breath sigh of relief with your anxiety. I can help you decide what to do with your relationship, whether that be to try to make it work, or find your way as a single person. I can help you feel better and happier with yourself and your future.

If you are looking for an Atlanta area therapist that offers respect, acceptance, is an ally and believes in your independence and autonomy, please reach out to me for a free in person 20 minute consultation.

Transgender and Gender Identity

If you are a part of the transgender or gender non-conforming community, I invite you to visit my page here, which is affirming and specific to the community. I address topics related to gender identity, HRT and transitioning.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Asexual, Pansexual

You are probably living in metro Atlanta or throughout rural Georgia or South Carolina as you read this. Georgia has come a long way in regard to acceptance, but there is so much more work to do. You may grow more emotionally if you are processing your feelings with someone that is accepting and knowledgeable.

At this point, you may know your sexual orientation, or still have questions and are trying to figure it out. My experience helping with people with concerns about identity allows me to collaborate with you, so you can find answers to the questions you may be having right now about your sexuality. It could be that you love your boyfriend or girlfriend or partner but are starting to have feelings like you may be attracted to someone else who identifies as you do. Or, you could be realizing that you don’t have feelings of attraction for men or women, but everyone and society tells you that you should. That can be confusing at first.

The truth is, that you don’t need someone to tell you who really are. You probably already know. Having a professional that is affirming to talk to and explore your feelings can be helpful, healthy and lead to greater happiness and comfort with yourself.

If you are ready to talk to someone that will walk with you through this exploration, reach out to me for a free consultation.

Distance Counseling in Georgia and South Carolina

As a Board Certified Telemental Health Clinician, I am trained to offer online video counseling for individuals living throughout Georgia and South Carolina. You can use video counseling for brief therapy, longer term individual sessions, in between in person sessions and for obtaining your letters. Often clients living in more rural areas of Georgia or South Carolina, do not have access to LGBTQIA and gender affirming therapists. I offer this service to allow therapy to be the most convenient possible for my clients. I use a HIPPA compliant video service, emailing, phone and text to take the most steps to ensure your privacy. Please contact me for a free consultation for distance counseling.

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