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Online Therapy & Video Distance Counseling in Georgia & South Carolina & North Carolina & Florida

I offer online video distance counseling for residents of Georgia living in Athens, Americus, Augusta, Albany, Columbus, Statesboro, Dalton, Savannah, Macon and all the areas in between for the transgender community and all other clients with concerns such as anxiety and relationship stress. I also offer online video distance counseling for residents of South Carolina in all areas of the state including Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Spartanburg and all areas between. I offer distance counseling to residents of North Carolina, Texas and Florida as well. Please read my frequently asked questions to learn more about how to start having online counseling with me.

Video distance counseling in Georgia and South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Florida allows for clients to have their sessions in the comfort of their own home, or during lunch breaks at work through an app on their phone or through their laptop. When we have a session over video, you can be who your truly are. Video sessions offer the opportunity for people in rural Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida to see a gender specialist without long drives where there might not otherwise be a specialist in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Distance Counseling

1. Tell me more about Distance Counseling and how it works.

Video and phone sessions allow you to have a therapy session from the convenience of your home or other private place. Video counseling is therapy without dealing with long drives, traffic or taking time off of work. Phone sessions are available for your convenience. For online video sessions,  I use Telehealth by SimplePractice, which is a HIPPA compliant and very easy to use.  I will send you an invitation to connect with you via my online client portal.  Then, using your laptop, desktop, or an app on your phone, you can log in around the time of your appointment and we can see and hear each other through video.

2. What are the Benefits of Distance Counseling?

There are many benefits to having your session through video or phone, but the greatest of these is convenience.  Access to LGBTQIA and gender affirming care when you are in a rural Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Florida can be hard to find.  You will no longer have to take off work during the day or to drive up several hours to the closest available therapist that is trained and knowledgeable for your individual concerns. Video counseling from the privacy of home also offers the opportunity for you to present as you feel comfortable.

3. Can I have sessions with you via video or phone?

That depends.  Video and phone counseling is different than being in the same room with your therapist.  Because of these differences, I will ask to verify your identity, and have a plan in place for those times when you are feeling very depressed or suicidal. There are times, when after assessment, I may feel it is safer for you to seek counseling in person instead.  It’s also helpful that you have a basic understanding of the internet or apps on your phone as well.

4. Can I use my Out of Network Insurance for Distance Counseling?

That depends on your individual plan.  Some plans cover distance counseling via phone or video.  To know if you are covered through insurance with your plan, you will need to verify your benefits and ask your insurance company if they cover telehealth sessions.  You will receive a receipt or superbill to turn into your insurance company for potential reimbursement for our sessions. Most insurance companies are covering video counseling during COVID.

5. Are you offering video sessions or in person sessions during COVID – 19 or the Coronavirus?

At this time, all of my sessions are being conducted through video or phone to keep my clients and myself safe.

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