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Are you wondering if you are in the right relationship? Is your voice in the back of your head telling you this may not be the person for you or that they really don’t treat you right, but you still stay? Do you wonder if your relationship is ever going to get any better, or if this is as good as it really gets?

You may be tired of trying to find a good partner. You may be thinking that you are never going to find a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner that lives up to your expectations, but someone is better than no one. If you find yourself wondering if there’s more out there, or if there’s someone that’s really perfect for you- I can help.

Figuring out life and relationships is never easy and sometimes there’s joy and sometimes there’s pain. Sometimes it has to be painful before you get to be with the person or people you are meant to be with and that fulfill you in the most special ways.
Finding your best friend or the person that will walk beside you and be there for you in the happiest times and the tough times can be a roller coaster in itself.

Your partner might not be willing to come to couples counseling with you, but you still want to try to make your relationship work. You want your relationship to realize it’s full potential and grow and thrive, so you are looking for help.

Or, you might be thinking that it’s time to end your relationship, but you are scared or hesitant. You are scared of what it’s going to be like to be single again. You are scared to have to get on Tinder, Bumble or Grindr and put yourself out there again.

If you need help with your relationship to allow it to grow stronger or if you need someone to help you discern if you should stay in your current relationship, I can help. I’ve helped many people improve their relationship with their partner and I have helped many people realize their potential as a single person and thrive in a happier and healthier way on their own.

You can reach out to me at 404-948-6186 or you can make an appointment anytime online through my confidential patient portal. We can work together to get you feeling more like yourself again and allow you to thrive in happiness.

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