Secular Therapy

Secular Non-Religious Therapy

Are you an Atheist, Agnostic, Pagan, or a free thinker? Are you simply looking for counseling that is not Christian counseling in the Atlanta metro area or Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas or Florida? Do you live in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas or Florida and are looking for non-religious therapy?

Are you looking for therapy that believes in logic, while honoring the emotions you feel? Are you constantly worried, stressed out, sad or have to be perfect? Therapy can help by giving you a non judgmental space to feel and to move past difficult feelings.

As a secular therapist, we will still focus on your well being, growth and change. But, that focus won’t come from a religious viewpoint.  Secular therapy is accepting of all people, religious beliefs or lack thereof, national and ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation and all humans without a basis of religion or spirituality.

Recovering from Religion

At some point you realized that the way you were raised religiously is not who you are anymore.  You were raised with a set of difficult to follow rules, values and expectations.  The rationale for those moralistic rules does not hold up under critical thinking. You may feel your religious or spiritual identity changing or evolving into other thoughts and beliefs. Your beliefs may or may not effect how you identify and you need a safe space to separate the tangle of indoctrinated ideas from your own rationale. You may want to hold on to your beliefs, yet also process your feelings that run contrary to those beliefs.

Does your belief system create a sense of shame for you or are you struggling to find meaning in yourself through your spirituality or religion?  Do you have conflict in your family because you no longer believe or want to practice what your family believes in?

If any of this applies to you, maybe you need a secular therapist, like myself. First of all, I provide a safe space in the Atlanta area and Georgia, South Carolina and Florida to process freedom from religion and religious conflict.  Furthermore, in sessions, we can process changes in beliefs and the addition of new ones.  Finally, I use a solution focused and cognitive method with my clients.  I might even use the word logic in sessions with you.

Your personal feelings aside from faith

Secular therapy is not without emotions and feelings.  It’s a safe space to process and grow from feelings of depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, perfectionism and shame and your gender identity. Consequently, our sessions are a place to discover yourself and your emotions using validated methods of therapy based on your values. I regularly use solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and existential therapy working with clients.

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