Self Love to Battle Gender Dysphoria


Self Love for Low Self Esteem

It’s cold in Atlanta, Georgia today. This weekend, as I warm up,  I have been thinking a lot about self-love. Self-Love and positive affirmations can increase self-esteem, battle gender dysphoria and decrease moments of depression.  Positive affirmations can be hard to say at first, as you might not be used to talking to yourself like this. Sometimes in session I teach people how to say positive statements to themselves and process what that feels like.

How to Start a Self Affirmation

You can practice today by asking yourself what is something you would like someone to say to you.  I like to feel appreciated, so I would like to hear that I am doing an excellent job on a long-term goal.  As a positive affirmation, I would tell myself, “Katie – You are doing a fantastic job!”.  “You are putting your best into this”. Is there something that you think would be nice to hear?  Try telling yourself a positive affirmation.  Close your eyes and start to think what you would like to be able to hear from yourself or someone else.  Don’t let negative thoughts come in.  Just think about positive affirmations.

Now, take a moment and be king to yourself in your words.  Say a statement that begins with “you are”. Then, fill in that affirmation with something nice you would like to hear about yourself. Your affirmation could be something like” You are kind”. After you have practiced saying “you are kind”, make it an “I” statement.  Try saying, “I am kind”.

Practice Self Affirmations

When you can tell yourself those “I” statements, that’s when you are really showing yourself the love.  It can be hard at first and seem daunting.  Some people write their I statement on post it notes or write them in lipstick on their mirrors.  Other times people practice writing them in journals. Sometimes, people keep them in their wallets.

If you are having trouble with your positive affirmations, or still feel depressed or dysphoric, therapy can help.

Gender Therapists can Help

Having a therapist to share feelings and emotions with can help you process and get through the difficulty you are going through.  When you are unable to say those positive statements about yourself, learning more techniques and having a safe space with your therapist is helpful.

I offer individual therapy for people who are experiencing low self-esteem, anxiety and gender dysphoria. I tailor individual sessions to you, so you can process your “stuff”. You can contact me directly at 404-948-6186 or email me directly using the contact form to learn more information.

Get Immediate Help If Needed

No matter what emotions you are experiencing, if you feel like you are in a really low or bad place, please reach out to a gender affirming therapist to help.  I offer video sessions if you live in Georgia and are unable to make in person sessions. If you feel like you might hurt yourself, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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