Clinical Specialties

Specialty Therapy Services

  • Individual Therapy – I will work with you one on one to provide guidance with your life stressors.  I will be happy to collaborate with proper release of information with your other providers such as your doctors.
  • Couples Therapy – I offer couples therapy for partners or spouses that are navigating changes and transitions in their lives. This gives couples a chance to communicate openly and honestly with one another in a safe supportive space. I offer this service to my individual clients who need their partners to attend sessions for a brief period of time.
  • Family Therapy – Sometimes it’s best to have a guide with dealing with family change, no matter if the change is positive or difficult.  Consequently, in family sessions, communication of needs with each other is my priority.
  • Distance Counseling – I am trained to offer distance video counseling for individuals who live throughout Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Texas.  This video counseling is for both short term and longer term individual therapy sessions and for obtaining your letters. I use a HIPPA compliant video service, emailing, phone and text to take the most steps possible to ensure your privacy.  Please contact me for a free consultation for distance counseling.

Therapeutic Treatments

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Sometimes the way we think about ourselves is so ingrained in our thoughts and patterns that we need to be guided to change our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves in a more positive light. Do you find yourself thinking that everything you do is wrong, or absolutely no one can like you? Do you feel like you have no hope or everyone will let you down? CBT can help change those negative thinking patterns to give you a better outlook on yourself and the people and circumstances that surround you. This treatment can yield positive results, consequently I have trained for over four years in CBT.
  • Solution Focused Therapy – Do you have a yearning to change the patterns of your life or a specific issue that needs addressing more quickly? Solution focused therapy can offer real life change in a briefer time frame. This will allow you to accomplish the changes that you need to change. This type of therapy works well when you need to make a choice about something in your life. Also if you are looking for resolutions to issues that may be weighing on you more frequently.
  • Person Centered Therapy – You are the one person that knows you best. You are the one person that knows your hopes and dreams and motivations in life. It is through that personal knowledge that you have of yourself that I can facilitate personal change within you. I will offer a voice of empathy and personal regard for you and your choices.
  • Mindful Self Compassion –  You need to be able to be compassionate with yourself.  Often times we treat others better than we treat ourselves and I will help guide you through therapeutic exercises designed for you to be kinder to yourself and practice mindfulness.

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