Training Opportunities for LGBTQIA and Transgender Mental Health

The Clinician’s LGBTQIA Learning Platform offers educational clinical training for working with the transgender and LGBTQ communities in your mental health practice.

If you are looking to increase your clinical skills in working with the transgender and LGBTQIA communities, you are going to want to take an in depth course from the convenient online video platform. Courses are recorded and you can learn at your own pace.

Katie Leikam, LCSW, LISW-CP, DC-TMH has been working with over 150 transgender and LGBTQIA clients for years.  She is WPATH trained and has spoken and trained at Gender Odyssey and The Philadelphia Trans Wellness conference. She brings her experience and knowledge to her training for other clinicians to learn and grow.

TRANS* 202: Gender Dysphoria: An Introduction and Overview of Co-Occurring disorders and Clinical Interventions

This 4 hour online video training is an in depth look at Gender dysphoria and how it affects our clients on a daily basis. The training covers how gender dysphoria manifests as a co-occurring diagnosis with other conditions as well as teaches effective clinical interventions for working with clients who are experiencing negative effects of gender dysphoria such as low self esteem, negative self talk and depression.


  1. Understand the gender dysphoria diagnosis
  2. Understand the continuum of gender identity
  3. Understand co-occurring disorders with gender dysphoria including bipolar disorder, GAD, substance use, eating disorders and more.
  4. Learn the difference between body dysphoria and gender dysphoria
  5. Learn three clinical modalities directly related to gender dysphoria and how to implement them in treatment.

Cost: 80.00 for 4 hours of video training.

You can find the Clinician’s LGBTQIA Learning Platform here to sign up for the training’s that are offered.

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