Loved Ones of Transgender Clients

Partners & Family of the Transgender and Gender Expansive and LGBTQ Community

It could have happened when you were dropping your child off to school.  Maybe they just said, Mom or Dad – “I am really a boy, okay love you, bye!” Maybe they wrote you a letter, or perhaps this all came out in a fight that wasn’t supposed to happen. However you found out that your child, family member, spouse or partner is transgender, non-binary or gender expansive or part of the LGBTQ community, I can help you process these upcoming changes.

Individual Sessions

Navigating the changes that will be or are occurring with your loved one and your relationship with them can be confusing or sometimes fearful.  As a parent, there is fear of stigma and safety for your child.  As a spouse or partner, there may be confusion about how intimacy will change, or roles in the relationship will change.  Coming to speak with a therapist who is knowledgeable about transitioning and gender fluidity is helpful to process all the many emotions you are having right now, positive or negative.

Family Sessions

If you would like to have a family session with your child, or spouse and children, I am available to begin these sessions with you.  Sometimes it is helpful to be in a safe environment with a therapist to have difficult conversations or make plans for the future. In a family session, your loved one will be in the room with you to process what emotions the family is feeling right now.  These sessions are helpful to your loved one to offer your support to them, or to rebuild strained relationships you are having.

Couples Sessions

Couples sessions are available to couples who are either new in their relationship or for couples that have been together for a long amount of time.  Gender affirming couples sessions are offered so that you and your partner can have a safe, non-judgmental space to share questions, fears or affirmations with each other. Even if you knew your loved one was transgender or gender expansive during the process of transitioning, it can still be a shock. Your loved one may be feeling different emotions due to being on hormones and there will be a change in body features.  Therapy can help with any concerns, or just to make sure you are both being as supportive as possible to each other.

This is both an exciting time, and can be a difficult time for yourself or your loved one.  If you are looking for additional support for yourself during this time, contact me here.

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