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Transgender Therapy & Gender Identity Specialty Services

If you are looking for a transgender, gender expansive or queer affirming therapist in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina or Florida or Texas, this is my specialty and I am WPATH GEI SOC v7 certified. I work with transgender, gender expansive, queer and gender creative clients in Decatur, Atlanta and throughout Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Florida, who are questioning their gender, currently going through transitioning, or are living in their affirmed gender.

You may be wondering, what does a gender therapist do? or what is gender therapy like? I know that gender is a spectrum and I affirm all of my clients within that spectrum. Gender therapy sessions are a safe space for you through your own personal journey. There are many challenges and joys that occur through throughout your transition. Deciding when to talk to family, friends, and bosses are times that you will need someone who has the experience needed to help guide you through the emotions of the process. Navigating through the world of stigma and misgendering and oppression can cause anxiety and fear. Feelings of gender dysphoria can lead to depression, anxiety and feelings of self harm. The transgender community also has concerns, like others, with depression, relationship stress, career stress and anxiety. Together, we can help you lead a more authentic life whether you are seeking gender therapy, or seeking a therapist versed with other emotional concerns that is affirming of who you are.

I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to process and overcome difficult emotions, offer resources and work with you to free your authentic self and live a life of authenticity and happiness.

My Experience

My years of experience as an advocate, therapist and member of the LGBTQIA community allow me to be well versed in the knowledge needed to treat you kindly and fairly with no judgement. It’s helpful to work with someone who will honor your pronouns and will honor you. No one can really tell you your identity.  We can explore together, but you are the authority on yourself.  I am a member of WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) and a member of the Atlanta LGBTQ therapist resource center. I receive updated training to work with the community at national conferences such as Gender Odyssey, WPATH and The Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference each year. I also follow the model of informed consent and want my clients to be informed and empowered to make the changes they desire.

Distance Counseling in Georgia & South Carolina & North Carolina & Florida & Texas

I have had extra hours of specialized training to offer safe and HIPPA compliant telehealth video or phone therapy in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Florida.  Video counseling can be used for brief therapy, longer term individual therapy sessions, in between in person sessions and for obtaining your gender confirmation letters. Often clients living in more rural areas of Georgia such as Albany, Dalton, Americus, Statesboro, Columbus or even Savannah, do not have access to LGBTQIA and gender affirming therapists. I also offer video sessions throughout South Carolina from Columbia to Greenville to Upstate and Charleston as well as residents living in North Carolina and Florida and even Texas.

I offer this service to allow for therapy to be as convenient as possible. I use a HIPPA compliant video service, emailing, phone and text to take the most steps possible to ensure your privacy.  Please contact me for a free consultation for distance counseling.

Hormone Replacement Therapy & Gender Confirmation Surgery Letters

If you choose to have gender affirmation surgery or begin hormones, I am qualified to write letters for HRT and gender affirmation surgery. While I support informed consent, there are doctor’s offices in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Florida and the United States that still ask for a letter before beginning treatment. I realize that it can be frustrating to be required to have a letter written for something that is your decision, but for others it’s a process of self exploration and affirmation. If your insurance company requires a letter, even if you are going to an informed consent provider I can help.

I will not unnecessarily prolong the process of receiving your letter. However, if you choose to explore deeper during your transition, I see clients for individual or couples therapy after they receive their letter. I write your letter collaboratively with you in session with your input as you are telling your personal story. For more resources on working with me for letters, please read my blog posts about them here.

LGBTQIA Couples Counseling

I offer couples counseling for partners and spouses that are healing through life transitions in their relationship.  I offer sessions to explore hurt, confusion and acceptance within the relationship.  Change in relationships is hard no matter what the change is. Couples may need to process the core of intimacy. Clients often find those sessions helpful if their partner is ready to come to therapy. For clients transitioning, exploring the ways you will change physically, emotionally and how those changes may affect your relationship is ideal during your transition.

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