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Implementing WPATH SOC8 updates into your Transgender Affirming Practice

WPATH SOC8 was released in September of 2022. This is a 3-hour core CEU. Clinicians who work with the transgender community need to be aware of all the WPATH SOC8 changes and be able to implement the changes into their clinical practice with their client work. SOC8 made changes to multiple chapters as well as created new chapters that were not in SOC7. This CEU will make clinicians aware of the relevant changes to SOC8 and implement the gender affirming care into their clinical practices and client work. Clinician will be up to date on the WPATH standards of care after taking this CEU and will also understand if these changes have been implemented by insurance companies and doctors and surgeons.


This course is now available asynchronous as an on demand 3 hour CEU course here:

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